How To Create Your Own Mastermind Group To Improve Your Life

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a-mastermind-groupI first came across the words “Mastermind Group” in a self-improvement book. I love reading these books from time to time. They provide interesting pointers about life and sometimes have helped me adapt to better lifestyles. There are many ideas in such books that people like us just skim through or ignore. Sometimes they are too difficult to implement in our lives. The idea of Mastermind Group came across as one of those hard to do self help ventures.

Later on, in fact over a period of 2 – 3 years, I started thinking that it may not be so difficult to form a Mastermind Group after all. I mean, almost all of us make friends in different phases of life. Usually the friends who stick with us through school and college and a few that we make during our professional lives. Whenever we need suggestions about something or want to discuss about a step that we are going to take in life, these friends are among the first people who we call. So you have got the people to create your own mastermind group right there.

There are several benefits that can come out of a group like this. From my own observation, when ever you are in a fix, it is a great cushion to fall back on. Below are the points that make a Mastermind Group worthwhile:

1) Tossing An idea Back And Forth

If you have an idea about something, the best way to find out its flaws and feasibility is to discuss with some trust worthy people. The group can be the best option for this. As you present your idea for constructive criticism, they will shed some light on it from different angles. The same is true for any solutions to a problem. You present a solution, they present theirs’. From discussion, you can get a concrete solution or idea which came from one of them or is a combination of all the ideas.

2) You Can Improve Your Knowledge

There is a high chance that people in your group will be from different wakes of life. All of them different careers, different experiences and a different knowledge base. As you talk to them regularly, you will gain information on several subjects. It will change your outlook towards life and free you from having a tunneled vision. It is always beneficial to learn about new things as long as you want to improve yourself.

3) Hanging Out With Successful People Improves You As A Person

One of the most common tips related to self improvement is mingling with successful people. The law of heat transfer states that when a hot and a cold object comes in contact, the warmer object transfers heat to the colder one till both of them are at same temperature. The idea of knowledge transfer works almost in the same manner. As you hang out with the better guys, you will be gaining lots of insight and foresight which will come handy in real life. In this case, however, no one stands to lose any knowledge.

4) It Is A Great Pass Time

It is a lot like hanging out with buddies and having fun except you are not getting drunk while doing so. These sessions are great fodder for mind and will definitely make you a better person. I am not saying that you should not take a drink or enjoy your life in any other way but gathering with your group at least once a week can make a hell of a difference. The difference will show in only a few months.

A few points to consider before going forward with this idea:

1) Hang out more and more with people who are more successful than you. that is the only way you will be able to improve yourself constantly. I am not saying that should shy away from people who are less successful but your efforts should be towards learning as much as possible from the people who can teach you something.

2) It is advisable to form your Mastermind Group with people with whom you can share most of your problems comfortably. Otherwise the whole idea of the group will fail.

3) Try to provide as much input as possible to the group. If you just try to gain from other peoples’ feedback, it might send the wrong signal. The people in your group must feel that you are useful for them to talk to.

You will not have to look far and wide to find partners for your group. You must already know some people who are as ambitious as you and would love to bring a change to their lives. I have know people like that for years and talk to them regularly on different topics. I now want to build a Mastermind Group with them and hope you venture into the same. All the best!

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