5 Easy Techniques To Beat The Monday Blues


Ahhh Monday! That terrible day when after two nights and two days of uninhibited fun, a person has to get up early in the morning, take a bath, dress up and go to a place where he will make millions for the owners of the place. Can anything else be more demotivating? I am pretty sure no, especially if this phenomenon manages to happen 52 times every year. I personally have always hated Mondays with much gusto. But as I joined a job and slowly learned the meaning of being a professional, I developed some techniques to adapt to the Monday morning woes. It is true that I still get the Monday blues every now and then but their frequency has reduced a lot. So here are my 5 timeless techniques to make Monday feel like any regular day at work.

1) Go to sleep early the night before. Most people go to sleep late in the night on Sundays as they are still on a high after enjoying themselves thoroughly on Friday night and Saturday. This is the biggest mistake you can make. As soon as it is Sunday evening, keep reminding yourself that you have to go to work the next morning. Eat early, have a full 8 hours of sleep and the Monday morning won’t feel THAT bad anymore. Most people hate Mondays because they have to go to work still hung over from last night’s vodka. Adapting this technique had helped me immensely in dealing with the Mondays.

2) Prepare your work schedule on Sunday evening. Yes you read that right. Prepare yourself for what’s to come. Not only preparing beforehand will help you manage your time better, but you will also be ready to face the world come Monday morning. Apart from that, this little exercise puts you into your working shoes just a little bit so that you do not have much problems easing into the work environment on Monday. This technique coupled with the trick number 1 can easily solve your problems.

Monday Blues

3) Party hard on Friday and Saturday. Yes that is important. Usually the first question that colleagues ask each other on Mondays is “How was the weekend?” Now if you see a guy give accounts of his amazing trip into the woods or how he totally rocked a beach party and you on the other hand have just surfed internet and slept your head off over the weekends, you are sure to feel depressed. This sinking feeling coupled with the regular Monday woes can really make the day seem much worse than it actually is. So enjoy the weekends as much as you can so that you also have something to talk and brag about on Mondays.

4) One crazy technique that has helped me big time is to pile up my workload on Mondays. I often commit to people that I will deliver the necessary outputs by Monday evening. This tactic serves me in two ways. First, by letting people know the timeline of the expected output, I create pressure on myself so that I can no way postpone the work. This in turn makes my Mondays so busy that I do not even have time worrying about the Monday blues. By the time the day is over, I realize that I have accomplished a lot, my workload for the week has been lessened by half and most importantly, the Monday is gone without me even noticing it.

5) Last but not the least, maintain a positive outlook and smile a lot. If you are a happy-go-lucky kind of person, I am sure that Mondays do not bog you down too much. Otherwise, smile more on Mondays, crack a joke or two to your colleagues and lift up the spirit of the office. Everyone there is feeling down and if you can create an enjoyable atmosphere soon other people will join the bandwagon and the mood of the office will change in a jiffy.

These are the techniques I have used with success. There might be hundreds of other ways to beat the Monday blues. So what is your technique? Share with me here.

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