The 6 Best Exercises For Guaranteed Weight Loss

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Weight loss has been a burning topic for discussion for decades. The topic has gained even more relevance in the 21st century. Today’s collapsing economy and competitive market have forced people to work odd hours and lose focus of their health. Most of the young executives in multi-national companies have no time to eat their meals properly let alone exercise regularly. The inevitable result of this unhealthy lifestyle has been unhealthy fat accumulation and obesity in young people. What’s even worse is that there are hundreds of fake weight loss systems and therapies doing the rounds of the market. These therapies usually cost a fortune but yield little to no results. So here are some extremely easy yet effective workout routines that are guaranteed to shed the extra pounds.

Just a note of caution before we get to the interesting part. The exercise routine needs to be followed with dedication for at least a few months. If you stop after seeing some initial results, your lost weight and fat will be back in no time. So here we go:


1) Spot Running Or Jogging

This is still the best way to work your muscles and lose weight. This is best suited for people who do not have the time or means to go for full-fledged running. The exercise is pretty simple. You have to find yourself a free spot, maybe in your living room or on the roof. Do some light warm up and then start jogging slowly on the spot. For the first few days you might tire pretty quickly. So keep the tempo of the exercise slow and do it for about 10 to 15 minutes. After the first week, increase the speed and also try to increase the duration by five minutes every third day. If you do the exercise every day, by the end of the month you should be able to start spot running.


2) Running Or Jogging

There is no exercise like early morning running or jogging. Try to do it at a park or on a lonely road. The earlier in the day you start the better. In the first week, keep yourself limited to running for about 20 – 25 minutes with breaks in between. Do not try to push yourself too much. If you do it regularly then you will be able to run for half an hour at a stretch in no time. When you run, your whole body and most of the core muscle groups get worked. After a month or so, you will definitely see changes in your weight and in your body.


3) Sit ups Or Crunches

Well, from my personal experience I can say that this exercise is very helpful and super effective at the same time. You need to lie on your back on a smooth surface and then move your heels closer to your buttocks while keeping the knees together. Keep your hands locked under your head. Once you are in position, sit up like you want to touch your knees with your head. Even if you cannot touch your knees, go as close as possible. Use only your stomach muscles while you get up. For the first few times you may not be able to repeat more than 2 or 3 times. Do 3 sets of the same reps with at least 2 minutes break between each set. Take a day off between each stomach exercise. Increase the sets and reps as you go along.


4) Swimming

This is probably the best full body exercise that can be done without using any equipment. If you have a swimming pool at your home then nothing can be better than that. Else get enrolled at a local swimming club and go for morning, evening or even night swimming sessions. Do your laps of the pool as per your stamina. Use your best judgement as losing stamina in the middle of a lap can be dangerous. While you swim, the muscle groups of your thighs, arms, back, waist, abdomen and lower legs get worked intensively. If you swim regularly you will be losing weight faster than you thought possible.

Stair climbing

5) Climbing Stairs

You have no idea how effective this little change in your lifestyle can be as far as your fitness is in concern. All of us are used to taking the elevators at work and sometimes we use them to ascend or descend only 2 or 3 flight of stairs. Of course if you are in a hurry you should always use the elevators. But if you are going for a snack or coming back from the cafeteria, try to climb the stairs. Taking the stairs each day can really help you lose excess calories and build stamina. I have witnessed my friend lose 22 Pounds in two months by just controlling his diet and taking the stairs in the office each day for two months. You can also get those amazing results.


6) Bicycling

Another very effective yet often overlooked method of exercise. Some people use the static bicycles for exercise but I say nothing beats the real one. I have lost extra pounds a number of times in the past by cycling heavily. If you can go to and come back from work on your cycle that will be even better. Most cities now-a-days provide special cycling tracks for people so you should not have to worry about traffic. The constant changes in road elevation and undulations can challenge your muscles effectively and work your muscles more. This kind of deviations in workout difficulty cannot be obtained from static cycles.

Important things to remember before you start your workout routine

1) Always eat something very light like a glass of milk and a toast before exercising. If you exercise with an empty stomach you can feel dizzy at times.

2) Never go for swimming with a full stomach. You can get cramps.

3) Do not push yourself too much. Your stamina will be built slowly over time.

4) Do not feel disappointed if you do not see any marked difference after a couple of weeks. After all, the extra pounds you want to get rid of were not accumulated in one day.

Always keep your goal in your mind. Whenever you want to feel the urge to quit , visualize yourself with a lean fir body. Controlling diet along with exercise is a must if you want to lose weight and keep fit. I have previously written some amazing facts about exercise and foods here and soon I will be back with an article about healthy diet while working out to lose weight.

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