Donald Trump Latches On To Marco Rubio’s Lobbyist Connection

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2016 republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is leaving no stones unturned to ensure he is free from competition. His latest move was to tweet a New York Times article dissecting presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s personal and political connections with Norman Braman, a billionaire auto dealer. Mr. trump tweeted, “Has anybody read this story about Marco Rubio – devastating! ”

Rubio Braman
Image Courtesy NYTimes and Greater Miami Jewish Foundation

The lengthy article depicts how Mr. Rubio has benefited both personally and politically from Mr. Braman’s acquaintance. Mr. Braman had appointed Mrs. Rubio to oversee the Braman family philanthropic foundation and Mr. Rubio himself as a lawyer and an instructor at a college based out of Miami. Last but not the least, Mr. Rubio has availed the use of the Braman personal jet as well. Hence it comes as no surprise that Mr. Braman has pumped almost 10 million dollars into Mr. Rubio’s presidential campaign.

In return, senator Rubio has directed a 5 million dollar fund for a Miami cancer research institute of Mr. Braman’s choosing and garnered a whooping 80 million dollar grant for a genomics center. Mr. Rubio describes Mr. Braman as a father figure and believes there is no conflict of interest. The voters, however, might think otherwise.

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