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The words “Income” and “Home” do not always go hand in hand. In fact for most people, earning money is synonymous to staying away from home for long hours. Things are, however, changing very fast in the 21st century, especially with the progress of internet. Now-a-days it is quite possible to run a fully profitable business from the comfort of one’s home. This option has allowed many stay at home moms find a source of income and people to generate a second source of cash to fight against the turbulent economic conditions. When it comes to operating a business from home, there are many options. Here I will present a few that are the most rewarding in terms of return on investment:

beauty salon

1) Operating A beauty Salon From Home

Women of today are much more beauty conscious than their 20th Century counterparts. Now-a-days even the septuagenarians and octogenarians of our society do not shy away from an occasional beauty treatment or two. To start a basic beauty salon at your home, all you need is a spacious room to cater at least two or three clients at the same time. Your garage can be a perfect option in terms of space and accessibility from outside.

To start your business, you need to take a beautician course first. After you get the certificate, your next step should be to get a license for your salon. Finding furniture and products for the salon should not be too hard. If you check sites like Ebay, you may even find some existing salon selling off their stuff at a cheap rate. You can contact different beauty product companies to see if any of them are interested in getting into a partnership with you.

Here is a word of caution before you take the plunge. Opening a beauty salon does require some investment. If you have around 1000$ or so at your disposal then only you should think seriously about going forward with this plan. But if you are able to launch the salon and satisfy the clients, you should never have to worry about a steady and hefty income.

fast food

2) Starting A Small Restaurant Or Fast Food Joint

So you think you can cook well? Then I have got great news for you. If you are looking for a steady income then you can always try opening a Fast Food joint or a small scale restaurant at your place. Since a restaurant requires much more space, you will probably be better off with a Fast Food take away joint. You need to get some licenses and clearances though before you can start your joint.

Apart from trade license, you will need clearance from the food department regarding the usage of unhealthy substances and chemicals in your restaurant. You will also need clearance to prove that the neighbors do not have any problems with the restaurant and the fumes from the kitchen are not hampering the environment of the locality in any way. Once everything is set, you can cook your heart out and feed the hungry guests that show up. A restaurant needs only a few satisfied customers who can spread the word and make it popular.

direct selling

3) Direct Selling Businesses

No matter how much the scam companies and pyramid schemes have dented the trust of common men, direct selling is still a popular and legitimate business option. In every leading country, the government has a list of direct selling companies that are considered legitimate. Take a look at the list of companies and their products. Then contact a company whose product you think you will be able to move easily.

There are certain caveats to this plan though. Direct selling companies often have complicated policies and rules when it comes to handing out commissions to its agents. Read and understand the policies carefully before putting in serious efforts. But the upshot is that the investment to become franchise owner of such a business is quite less. Established companies like Amway and Tupperware will allow you to join them for anything ranging from 60$ to 100$.

freelance writing

4) Freelance Content Writing

It is a great work from home option for people who have a flair for writing. There are innumerable websites in the world and most of them employ freelance writers to write the website contents. Several content writing websites allow employers to find suitable writers at reasonable payment rates. You can always apply for and get such work. If your writing is good and you deliver on time then you should never have a shortage of quality clients. As your workload increases, you can hire other freelance writers to work for you.

designer dress

5) Dress Designing

Some people have the talent for designing dresses. If you are one of those people and can spread the word among your neighbors, you might be overwhelmed by the response you get. People pay for occasional designer dresses all the time but the popular brands often charge too much for those dresses. Your friends, family and neighbors might feel happy to get their wedding or anniversary dress designed by you at reasonable rates using quality material. If you do a good job, it will not take much time before you are bombarded with more and more orders every day.

You can launch and operate all the above mentioned businesses from your home. These businesses will take a lot of dedication and hard work but once established, they can generate a considerable flow of income and pave the way for further expansion. There are many other options too but they are beyond the scope of this article.

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