Easy Home Remedies To Treat Most Common Ailments – Part 1

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We have all had that sore throat or a mild fever that we know is going to get better within a day or two without any medication. But there is always that important presentation in the office the very next day. So what do we do? We just pop some pills and power through the day. But taking those random over the counter pills might be doing your body more harm than good. Being the son of a doctor I know a thing or two about “Allopathic” medications and one of them is taking these pills often take care of the symptoms without addressing the root cause behind them. In fact there are people who have been taking headache pills for years only to find out later that the cause of the pains was a tumor.


While I do agree that taking medicines is inevitable under certain circumstances but there are some awesome home remedies that take care of most common ailments pretty well without you having to worry about unwanted side effects. There are a lot of such ailments so I will be publishing the articles in parts. So here are the first ones:

sore throat

1) Sore Throat

It is one of the most common bodily discomforts people experience over their lifetimes. Sore throat can be caused by frequent change of temperature, viral infection, coming in contact with another person with the same problem and so on. Instead of using “Vicks” or “Strepsils”, a good natural way to take care of sore throat is a spoonful of honey. If you can drink a glass of warm milk with honey then even better. In case you do not have honey or milk then placing a clove in your mouth works too. Don’t chew on the clove. Just put it in your mouth for a few hours. Having a spoon of honey along with a basil leaf can work wonders if you have basil leaves in your house.


2) Constipation

Older and middle-aged people can have bouts of constipation every few months. This is usually a pretty harmless condition on its own. People who are constipated most of the times usually take fiber powders or laxative medicines on a regular basis. But people who get constipated intermittently often end up taking laxatives for no reason. When the bowels are evacuated normally, there is always a part of the waste left in the intestines hence it does not take more than 24 hours for stomach pressure to build again. The laxatives, however, clear up the intestines and colons completely so it can take a couple of days for pressure to build up again. Now the person who took the laxatives sees this as another sign of constipation and unnecessarily pops a tablet the very next day too. This creates undesired pressure on the body. So the best steps to take during a constipation is

a) Eat a couple of bananas. They are great natural laxatives.
b) Drink a cup of hot tea or coffee with milk. Your bowel might start to move before you empty the cup.
c) Drink a glass of milk.
d) Try squatting down. It creates a natural passageway for stool and can help in creating the pressure.
e) Forget about the constipation a get on with your daily routine. You might start feeling pressure in an hour or so.

loose motion

3) Loose Motions Or Diarrhea

It is opposite of constipation and a much more inconvenient one. A serious bout of loose motion can leave you seeing red. It can be caused by a lot of things such as food poisoning, spicy foods, foods you are allergic to etc. There is no harm in taking a pill to stop the motions but the pill may take some time to show its effect. If the pill takes any more than an hour or so, most people think that the pill failed and pop another one. This is highly dangerous because the combined effect of the pills can cause constipation the next day and the same people will then take laxatives. Instead, here are some things for you to try

a) Drink plenty of water as your body loses it fluids during diarrhea. Mixing a spoon of sugar and pinch of salt
can be very helpful. Drinking fruit juice can help too as long as it is not apple juice.
b) Stay clear from milk, cheese, cream and any other milk products. Stay from eggs too.
c) Do not drink tea or coffee during loose motions.
d) Having rice for lunch or dinner can help with slowing down the motions.
e) Drink coconut water. This natural drink is often called “God’s Water” for a reason. Give it a chance.
f) Try to have boiled vegetable for meals. They can have a great effect in taking care of the situation.
g) Potatoes are known to help with diarrhea too. But do not fry them. The extra oil can worsen things.
h) Be in complete rest. Your body will need it.


4) Common Bruises And Cuts

There is no need to rush to the ER for every kitchen knife cut or tin foil cut you have. Instead if it is a bleeder, wash the cut thoroughly under running water. If you have band-aid or a first-aid box handy, that’s great. In case you do not, nothing to be afraid. There are plenty of natural substances right inside your house that can treat a cut.

a) Suck on the wound. This works great if the cut is on a finger. Saliva has great antiseptic properties and also
in stopping the blood.
b) Use some sugar on the cut. It is a great antiseptic too.
c) If you have cut your foot, urinate on the wound.
d) Apply some ice on the wound. It will help stopping the blood flow.

Please visit a doctor in case of the following:

a) If you are diabetic, wounds will take a long time to heal. Visit a doctor immediately.
b) If the wound or cut is too big.
c) If the bleeding does not stop after applying all home remedies.
d) If you think the bleeding is from bite and you do not know what bit you.
e) If there was rusty metal involved. You will need Tetanus vaccination immediately.


5) Acidity

Acidity is another one of the most common physical discomforts. Acidity can be caused by spicy food, untimely meals, long gap between meals and what not. But there are some pretty good home remedies for this too. If you have acidity frequently, try to link it with something. For example, if you notice that you get acidity every time you drink milk, you might be lactose intolerant. If you find that heavy meals make you prone to acidity attacks, have light meals throughout the day. In case you are unsure of the cause, read the following

a) Put a clove in your mouth.
b) Drink lots of water, preferably a bit colder than room temperature.
c) Avoid milk, egg, meat or anything else with high Protein or Carbohydrates.
d) Stay away from tea and coffee as they are notorious for causing indigestion.
e) Basil leaves can help get rid of acidity.
f) Coconut water is usually cold in nature and is known to treat acidity quite fast.

6) Stomach Aches

I have previously discussed about stomach aches in detail here. Please read it to know about what to do in case of a sudden stomach pain.

Hopefully these tips will help you take care of your everyday ailments with the help of common household stuff. Of course if any condition lasts longer than a day or two, you should see a doctor immediately. Stay tuned for the next set of tips.

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