Twin Babies Shot Dead by Father, Mother Survives In Jacksonville, Florida

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Megan Hyatt And Gawain Wilson In Happier Times
Megan Hyatt And Gawain Wilson In Happier Times

The Hyatt family of Jacksonville, Florida was getting ready to move out of their house on 13th November Friday. Megan Hyatt was inside the house with her 5 month old twins Hayden and Kayden as her father was loading the car. Megan’s best friend was helping her father pack when suddenly this normal busy day turned into a massacre for the Hyatt family. The father of Megan’s kids, Gawain “Rush” Wilson entered the house. he shot the kids in Megan’s arm dead, shot Megan through the head and then shot Megan’s father, Travis Hyatt. After that, he shot himself.

Megan somehow managed to get to a phone and dial 911. Her friend also called 911 and took shelter in Hyatt family’s neighbour Steven Greene’s house. When the police arrived, they found the bodies in different parts of the house. So far it is not clear what motivated Gawain to take such a step but so far it seems the Hyatt family’s decision to move may have ticked him off in the wrong direction.

Megan is supposed to undergo a fifth surgery. She has already lost an eye due to the damage caused by the bullet.

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