30,000 Japanese Are Celebrating Their 100th Birthday In 2015

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Japan is known for people with exceptional longevity. Especially since till the beginning of this year, the crown for both the oldest living man and oldest living woman in the world was held by Japan until Misao Okawa’s death on 1st April at the age of 117. The number of centenarians has reached its crescendo this year with as many as 30,000 Japanese people celebrating their 100th birthday.

Yasutaro Koide - Oldest Living Man In The World Photo News24Online
Yasutaro Koide – Oldest Living Man In The World Photo News24Online

Each year the day of 15th September is celebrated as the Senior Day in Japan where all living centenarians are presented with a silver Sake dish as a memento. But due to the rising number of centenarians and the rising cost of this event, from next year onwards only a certificate will be handed out to the super-seniors.

Misao Okawa Died At 117 This Year Photo Telegraph UK
Misao Okawa Died At 117 This Year Photo Telegraph UK

In 1963, the number of centenarians in Japan was only 153. The number grew to 10,000 in 1998 and right now the number is an astonishing 61,568. The rising number of people over 65 years is likely to create an impact on Japanese economy in near future. By 2060, people over 65 years of age will make up over 40% of the Japanese population.

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