Hostage Situation In Northern France, Apparently A Robbery Attempt

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Photo Via @Sputnik/Twiiter
Photo Via @Sputnik/Twiiter

According to latest developments, a group of armed men have taken hostages in Roubaix, France. It is town to the north of France near Belgium border. According to a source reporting of Reuters, “A bank director and his family may have been taken as hostages.” Gunshots were heard in the area and the whole neighborhood has been sealed.

A resident of the neighborhood Salah told Reuters that “There were three guys with Kalasnikovs, they shot at police and police shot at them.”

As per latest development, two hostages managed to escape but two hostages remain under the clutches of the miscreants. Police told Reuters that it was just a robbery attempt and had nothing to do with terrorism.

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