Snapdeal App Downrated Over Aamir Khan Remarks, Intolerance At Large In Social Media

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Gurgaon based E-Retailer Snapdeal bore the brunt of Aamir Khan’s “Intolerance” remarks on Tuesday 24th November as hundreds of users rated the app with 1 star on Google Play. The app’s ratings were down to 4.1 and if the trend continues, it could soon go below 4.

Photo Adageindia
Photo Adageindia

Bollywood star Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador for Snapdeal. Over some of his recent comments regarding religious intolerance in India, the online crowd started battering Snapdeal with Twitter hashtags like #AppWapsi. There have been no comments from Snapdeal so far. 

Godrej Group released a statement saying Aamir Khan’s views are his personal and his contract with Godrej ended in 2014.


There are some who are standing by the 50 year old actor with hashtag #IStandWithAamirKhan and condemning the barrage of hatred towards Snapdeal and the actor.


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