A Breath Of Fresh Air? Lowest Carbon Emission Rise Worldwide In 2014

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Are we finally moving towards a cleaner world with pure air? There is certainly hope as a Reuters report suggests that in the last two decades, 2014 was the year when carbon emission levels grew the least. PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre report mentioned that the growth in carbon emission from cement production and fossil fuel was just 0.5% in 2014.

This Could Soon be History Photo nationalgeographic
This Could Soon be History Photo nationalgeographic

Usually carbon emission is linked with economic growth and this makes the report much more significant as in 2014 the world economy grew by almost 3%. PBL senior scientist Jos Olivier was quoted by the Reuters saying, “It’s promising but it’s not a clear case that we are already approaching a tipping point.” But the picture is promising indeed. Carbon Emission levels have been continually rising since 1998.

This report ahead of the Global Climate Summit to be held on 30th November in France is definitely a great news for the world population.

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