11,950 Stones Removed From Gall Bladder! Bengali Woman Might Set New World Record

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When doctors of the S.S.K.M. Hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal started operating Minati Saha, they had no idea what surprise was in store for them. Minati Saha of Baruipur, West bengal, India was to be operated upon for removal of gallstones, a standard procedure that witnesses millions go under the knife each year. But Dr. Makhanlal Saha was shocked when saw the sheer volume of stones inside Mrs. Saha’s gall bladder.

Stones Removed From Minati Saha's Gall Bladder Photo ABP
Stones Removed From Minati Saha’s Gall Bladder Photo ABP

It took hours to count the stones and the final tally is a whooping 11,950, arguably the most in medical history. 67 year old Ursula Kuschfeldt from East Germany claims to have had 3,110 stones removed from her gall bladder in 1981 and she has kept them safe in hopes of posting a Guinness Book of World Records entry. But Minati Saha’s record dominates Kuschfeldt’s by more than 8,000 stones. Since the doctor has photographic and medical record of the incident, Minati Saha could actually be the first to hold the Guinness World Record.

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