Shootout Near A Planned Parenthood Clinic In Colorado Springs, Multiple Injured

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Today Colorado Springs Police responded to a shootout at a planned parenthood center. An unknown man with firearms have gone inside the center and is exchanging fire with the police with an assault rifle. So far at least 4 police officers and 4 civilians have been injured. Police have surrounded the area and emergency services are at the ready. At this moment, it is unclear what his motives are. According to police reports, the assailant is a white man in a trench coat.

An Ambulance On The Way To The Planned Parenthood Center Photo saiah J. Downing/Reuters
An Ambulance On The Way To The Planned Parenthood Center Photo saiah J. Downing/Reuters

So far the events do not point towards a terrorist attack. People in the nearby buildings have been told to stay in shelter. The clinic also has a security room which contains bulletproof vests. The police assume the gunman may have worn one of them.


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