Indian Stuntman Kapil Gehlot To Set Guinness World Record By Pulling Bus With His Hair

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28 year old stuntman, professional skating coach and adventure sports freak Kapil Gehlot is on the verge of setting a Guinness Book of World Record after pulling a 11000 lb bus with nothing but his hair. Kapil accomplished this feat at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The bus was tied with his hair and he pulled it more than 350 feet while wearing roller skates.

Kapil Gehlot Pulling Bus With His Hair

Kapil said, “I am always delighted when I get another record and being featured in the book never gets old for me. I have absolute faith in my abilities and I’ve always been interested in the unusual talent. I was always way ahead of the children of my age when we used to play together. I realized later that I was born to do these bizarre stunts. This is where my potential lies. I hope Guinness approves my new record soon and gives me a place in the book.”

Kapil already holds records for speed skating non stop for 30 hours and playing in the longest outdoor inline skaing hockey match which was held in England. Now he hopes to set the world record for pulling the most weight with hair.

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