World Celebrates Walt Disney’s 114th Birthday

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Today, 5th December is the 114th birthday of the creator of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney. The person who almost single handedly gave animation and cartoon industry a new direction, won numerous awards in his lifetime and established a new definition for theme parks.

Walt Disney With His Immortal Creations
Walt Disney With His Immortal Creations

Walt Disney was born in Chicago in 1901. He aspired to become an actor in his young age but later decided concentrate on his talent in drawing and creating cartoons. he founded The Walt Disney Company with his brother Roy. O. Disney and the subsequent success in known to every person in the world.

Disney created a number of cartoon characters who are popular even today including Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. Initially Disney himself provided the voice for Mickey Mouse.  he won his first Academy Award for creating Mickey Mouse in 1932. In his lifetime Disney went to win 26 Academy Awards including 4 honorary awards. He also got a total of 59 Academy Award nominations, both numbers remain a record and seems unlikely to be broken. Walt Disney also won 7 Emmy awards.

Apart from his role in creating animation movies and cartoons, Disney also masterminded the Disneyland theme parks and Walt Disney World Resort. Walt Disney died from lung cancer in California on 15th December in 1966 but his legacy continues as millions of kids get introduced to the magical world of Disney cartoons each year.

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