Israel Successfully Tests Arrow 3 Ballistic Missile Shield

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Israel successfully tested its long range ballistic missile shield called “Arrow 3” on Thursday 10th December. In the test Arrow 3 was deployed from Palmachim Beach and it successfully intercepted a target in space which simulated the trajectory of long range missiles. The previous version, Arrow 2, was tested and deployed almost a decade ago. This shield has been jointly designed by the Israel Aerospace Industries (I.A.I.) and Boeing Co. of US.

The Arrow 3 Interceptor Photo Avi Rokach
The Arrow 3 Interceptor Photo Avi Rokach

Israel already has a short range missile interceptor called the “Iron Dome” in place and a mid-range interceptor called “David’s Sling” will be unveiled next year. The Arrow 3 has been designed to carry warheads into space where they detach from the interceptors and slam onto the target. This method ensures safety against nuclear or biological attacks.

I.A.I. CEO Joseph Weiss said, “The success of the Arrow 3 system today … is an important step towards one of the most important projects for Israel and Israel Aerospace Industries becoming operational.” The defence system is created keeping Hezbollah, Iran and Syria in mind. A senior official told Reuters, “Everyone knows that you have to prepare with an eye well beyond the horizon, especially as the enemy’s capabilities improve all the time.”

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