Category 4 Typhoon ‘Melor’ Ravaging Philippines

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Category 4 typhoon ‘Melor’ has been ravaging the island nation Philippines since the weekends. Weather agencies have predicted that the typhoon will cross the country east to west and leave behind it a trail of devastation. The typhoon has already made one landfall in Batag yesterday 13th December and a second landfall today in Sorsogon. Some more landfalls are expected before it completely weakens. Southern Lizon got the worst of this ordeal.

Typhoon Melor Latest Status
Typhoon Melor Latest Status

So far at least 7,25,000 people have been evacuated to safer areas. The Red Cross in Philippines is working on war footing along with the government agencies. One ray of hope is that the winds peed has dropped town to 165 KM/H from 235 KM/H yesterday. But the agencies are keeping an close eye over Melor’s movement as the typhoon has proved to be unpredictable. It is not impossible for it to regain strength for a second strike.

Citizens of Philippines have been warned of flood up to 4 meters in height, mudslides and waves up to 2 meters in height. Many parts of the country have experienced 10 inches of rain already. Nearly 8,000 ships are stranded in the harbors and many flights have been cancelled. The storm is expected to weaken in the next couple of days. Philippines is located in a turbulent part of the Pacific and is often subjected to hurricanes and typhoons of great strength.

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