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Exploring the mysterious archipelagos in pacific, getting lost in the savannas of Africa, discovering God’s own land in the Himalayan valley, destroying mutant creatures or challenging Mafia Gang leaders with advanced weaponry and cutting edge inventories. Far Cry is supposedly the only franchise that could offer this level of miscellany. With their next release, Ubisoft Montreal is planning to take you to the 10th millennium BC where you’ll struggle to find anything better than stone spearheads or bow and arrows to battle against merciless enemies!!! Yes you have read it right, approximately 12000 years back in Mesolithic era.

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Far Cry Primal is an upcoming action adventure release from Ubisoft and set to hit PlayStation 4 /XBOX One by coming February and Microsoft Windows by March 2016. Written by Jean-Sebastian Decant and directed by Jean-Christophe Guyot and Maxime Béland, the game will not be included in the main series but will be a standalone spin-off.

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Stranded due to an ambush in the fictional terrain of Oros, player will take control of the protagonist Takkar (voiced by Canadian Theater and voice–actor Elias Toufexis) leading his tribe to drive away the rivals and dominate the land with assistance from tamed beasts and a pet owl. You won’t expect vehicular combat or the privilege of upgrading weapon in the Stone Age. Nonetheless, the staple Far Cry concept of hunting and crafting for inventory & food will remain. The Franchise consistently delivered unfathomable league of antagonists like Vaas Montenegro or Pagan Min but nothing has been confirmed for Primal so far. We don’t want to be spoiler either. So, get ready for the prehistoric rampage and don’t forget to check out the cool trailer below…

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