India 97th On Forbes Best Countries For Business List 2015

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Forbes has just released the 2015 list of Best Countries For Business. Denmark tops the list with New Zealand in number 2. Denmark was in the 1st spot in 2014 as well. India is languishing at 97th, 3 places below China who are at 94th. Last year China was at the 97th spot so both countries have improved their rankings. United States fell to 22nd indicating their economic slump.

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The list was prepared by calculating the scores of 11 metrics for each country. The metrics are, Trade Freedom, Monetary Freedom, Property Rights, Innovation, Technology, Red Tape, Investor Protection, Corruption, Personal Freedom, Tax Burden and Market Performance.

India’s scores for these metrics are:

Trade Freedom 125

Monetary Freedom 139

Property Rights 61

Innovation 41

Technology 120

Red Tape 123

Investor Protection 8

Corruption 77

Personal Freedom 57

Tax Burden 121

Market Performance 65

India saw a major economic slowdown in 2014 and are still under the after effects. The metrics where India performed very poorly were Red Tape, Personal Freedom, Corruption and innovation.

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