Mother Teresa To Become Saint, Vatican Confirms

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According to an Italian newspaper, Pope Francis has approved and credited a second miracle to Mother Teresa and she would be inducted into ‘Sainthood’ through the ‘Canonization’ process to be held in September 2016. Mother Teresa was ‘Beatified’ in 2003 by then pope John Paul II.

Mother Teresa

In order to grant someone sainthood, a “Postulator” has to present a case of miracle that occurred praying at the intercession of that person for ‘Beatification’. The result of the miracle could be of a medical nature, one where lasting remission from critical ailment occurs without any scientific or medical help or explanation. The cure or remission must be spontaneous in nature. The case is submitted to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints for review. if the congregation finds the person to have led a life of virtue, they can forward the case to the Pope who can then order the Beatification.

Once a person has been Beatified, another miracle is required for the Canonization process to grant the person sainthood. People who give their life protecting their religion can be beatified directly but at least one miracle is needed for Canonization.

In Mother Teresa’s case, the Postulator Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk had earlier submitted the case of Monica Besra, an Indian woman who claimed to be have cured from brain tumour by praying to Mother Teresa. As a result, Mother Teresa was Beatified in 2003.

Monica Beshra Photo theage
Monica Beshra Photo theage

This time around, a mechanical engineer from Brazil who was suffering from a viral brain infection and was in a coma, suddenly regained conciousness right before his surgery and had completely recovered by next morning. Despite adjudged sterile, he has since given birth to 2 children as well. It was brought to Rev. Kolodiejchuk’s attention that at the time when the man recovered, his wife was praying to Mother Teresa’s intercession.

Pope Francis found this case to be the second confirmed miracle for Mother Teresa and Canonization will commence in September 2016. Earlier Pope John Paul II had bypassed the mandatory 5 year waiting process after death for Beatification by starting the process within one year of Mother Teresa’s death on 5th September in 1997.


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