Iraqi Army Enters ISIS Held Ramadi – Huge Boost For The Allied Troops

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In a operation on Tuesday 22nd December, 2015, Iraqi army managed to invade and reach the centre of Ramadi, an Islamic State owned Iraqi city. Ramadi is located nearly 100 KM west of Iraq’s capital Baghdad and is located on the banks of Euphrates. ISIS had earlier captured the city of Ramadi along with Iraq’s second largest city Mosul and Falluja.

Iraqi Troops in Northern Ramadi Photo AP
Iraqi Troops in Northern Ramadi Photo AP

The operation to bring back Ramadi began in November. Progress had been slow as Iraq is not taking any help from the Iran backed Shi’ite militia. According to counter-terrorism units’ spokesman Sabah al-Numani, the army began operation at dawn and crossed Euphrates using a bridge that was destroyed earlier by ISIS and rebuilt by Iraqi army engineers. Another floating bridge has been set up for reinforcements. 

Right now the army marches towards government complex at the centre of the city. At least 250 to 300 ISIS militants are still active in the city. Sabah-al-Numani said in a statement, “It’s ferocious fight, it’s premature to say how long it will take but we can say victory will be achieved in a few days.” The fall of Ramadi would be a major blow to ISIS in Iraq and a significant strategic win for Iraqi troops as the ISIS held Mosul lies between Ramadi and Baghdad. After recapturing Ramadi, flanking Mosul from both sides would be possible.

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