Sadhana Passes Away At 74, Bollywood Remembers The ‘Jhumka Gira Re’ Actress


Bollywood actor and style-icon Sadhana Shivdasani passed away in the morning today 25th December at her home. She was suffering from oral cancer and underwent surgery last year. Her health had slightly improved following the surgery but deteriorated again towards the end of this year. The actor had limited herself within the bounds of her house due to failing health. Her last public appearance was with Ranvir Kapoor at the stages of a fashion show.

Photo Courtesy NDTV
Photo Courtesy NDTV

Born Sadhana Shivdasani on 2nd September in 1941, Sadhana entered the film industry early at the age of 14 when she appeared briefly during a song in ‘Shree 420’. Her first film as leading lady was ‘Love In Simla’ in 1960 opposite Joy Mukherjee. Sadhana went on to star in superhit movies such as ‘Hum Dono’, ‘Mere Mehboob’, ‘Mera Saaya’, ‘Arzoo’ and ‘Asli-Naqli’. Her famous song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’ from the movie ‘Mera Saaya’ is considered one of the most iconic songs in Bollywood history.

Sadhana's Last Public Appearance Photo DainikBhaskar
Sadhana’s Last Public Appearance Photo DainikBhaskar

Apart from her acting, Sadhana is also famous for ‘Sadhana Cut’, a fringe haircut style she donned in her first movie and continue to wear throughout her career. The haircut is still popular today. Sadhana was married to R.K. Nayyar, the director of her first film until’s Nayyar’s death in 1995.

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