China To Allow Two Children Per Couple 1st January 2016 Onwards

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Overturning three decades of one child policy, Chinese government officially passed a new legislation on Sunday 27th December to allow couples to have two children. National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed the law which says, “The state advocates that one couple shall be allowed to have two children.” This change comes at the onset of an impending burden of elderly on the Chinese economy.

China Finally Embrace Two Children Policy Photo rubyplus
China Finally Embrace Two Children Policy Photo rubyplus

In a mere 15 years, China will have more than 400 million people over the age of 60, the highest number of elderlies in the world. Looking at the future, China eased the current law once already in 2014 stating couples can have two children if either the father or the mother is a single child. The one children policy has taken flak from all corners of the planet as the Chinese government has been accused of committing forced abortions and sterilizations to enforce the law.

Fudan University professor and demographic expert Wang Feng said in an interview to McKenzie, “China has already begun to feel an unfolding crisis in terms of its population change. History will look back to see the one-child policy as one of the most glaring policy mistakes that China has made in its modern history.”

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