ISIS Releases Laws On How To ‘USE’ Female Slaves – The Death Of Humanity

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In a world full of inhuman acts, shameful incidents and mindless violence, women are often the most oppressed of all. Throughout the planet be it in Asia, Europe or Africa, from genital mutilation to honour killing, from sex slavery to forced prostitution, women have always bore the brunt of all evil humanity has to offer. But a recent ‘Fatwa’ from ISIS dictating how to ‘Use’ or rather abuse female sex slaves seems to have crossed all the limits of shamelessness.

Yazidi Women Enslaved By ISIS Militants
Yazidi Women Enslaved By ISIS Militants

Since the resurgence of ISIS in the middle east, capturing women and girls and auctioning them off as slaves in the open have been commonplace practices. Girls as young as 12 have been sold and raped innumerable times, accounts of some of those girls who managed to escape their hellish lives tell us to what level human beings can stoop. But ISIS has recently come up with a ruling that helps militants identify their absolute ownership on the women they bought and also lays down the guidelines on how and when they can have sexual intercourse with the woman they own much like a guideline one would expect to get when they buy a pet.

Some of the appalling points from the fatwa are, owners can have sex with the daughter of the woman they own but then they cannot have intercourse with the mother afterwards. If a man owns two sisters, he can have sex with any one of them but he can of course sell off the other sister and get himself a new slave. The fatwa allows owners to impregnate their slaves, sexual intercourse during pregnancy is prohibited but of course the offspring will be a slave as well. Incidents of militants exchanging slaves for sexual intercourse run amok in the deserts of Iraq and Syria. Girls as young as five have been raped. Hundreds have been impregnated and left to die in the harsh deserts.

The fatwa was found during an US raid. A number of humanitarian organisations have already condemned this ruling. The fatwa says, “some of the brothers have committed violation in the matter of treatment of the female slaves. These violations are not permitted by Sharia law because these rules have not been dealt with in ages.”


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