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In a case of uncommon success of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and very carefully planned procedure, Tracey Thompson (54) of US gave birth to her granddaughter after her daughter Kelley McKissack went through three miscarriages. Tracey mentioned that when Kelley was a teenager, she had a conversation with her asking to be her surrogate if she was unable to bear a child. “She said, ‘If I can’t carry my own baby will you carry it for me?’” “Of course I would, not dreaming that I would actually be doing it.”

Tracey Thompson WIth Daughter Kelley McKissack Photo Telegraph UK
Tracey Thompson WIth Daughter Kelley McKissack Photo Telegraph UK

Kelley and her husband Aarons’ last attempt failed in December, 2014 as Kelley had another miscarriage. But the couple had four embryos remaining. In April, 2015 one of the embryos was implanted into Tracey. Even though she was 7 years into menopause at the point, she was in very good health and after some medical procedures doctors gave the green signal. Tracey finally gave birth to her own granddaughter on 6th January this year. The baby girl is named Kelcey after her mother Kelley and grandmother Tracey.

Tracey And Kelley With Kelcey Photo wfaa
Tracey And Kelley With Kelcey Photo wfaa

Little Kelcey weighed 3 pounds and 11 ounces at the time of delivery. Both she and Tracey are in fine health. Dr. Joseph Leveno, who delivered Kelcey, worked with the Thompson and McKissack family to ensure no contingencies come up. This case proves that even a person of Tracey’s age can successfully give birth to a baby under proper medical guidance and procedure.

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