Mosquito Borne Zika Virus Now Linked With Microcephaly – A Congenital Disease

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Aedes Aegypti mosquito borne Zika virus which is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions has now been linked with Microcephaly. Microcephaly is a congenital disease where children are born with unusually small and under-developed brain and head. Individuals suffering from Microcephaly usually have a lower life expectancy, have seizures and often face challenges performing usual tasks requiring brain function.

Baby Affected By Microcephaly
Baby Affected By Microcephaly

A connection between Zica virus and Microcephaly was earlier not known. Usual symptoms of Zica virus infection are fever and joint pain and sometimes a more serious condition known as the Guillan-Barre or GBS. In case of GBS, the body’s immune system attacks the nerve system and causes paralysis in extreme cases. A complete recovery from GBS and other symptoms of Zica virus infection is possible.

But the cause of concern is the rising number of Microcephaly cases in Brazil which the experts are linking to pregnant women getting infected by Zica virus. In 2015 as many as 3,500 Microcephaly cases have been registered in Brazil with 46 of the babies dying. Centre of Disease Control (CDC) has issued an warning on pregnant woman travelling to Brazil.

Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes bite during the day and their prime target is human bodies. One Aedes Aegypti mosquito can effect multiple people. The best way to be safe from these mosquitoes is by using repellents and air conditioning.

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