Gurgaon Deputy Mayor Parminder Kataria Accused Of Rape For The Second Time, By The Same Woman

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There is a second rape complaint registered against Gurgaon deputy mayor Parminder Kataria. The first charge was brought against him by a woman in October 2015 which mentioned that Kataria had established sexual relationship with the divorced woman under the promise of marrying her. The complaint mentioned Kataria as the main perpetrator and two other men. She had filed an affidavit on 1st December, 2015 saying she did not want any action taken against Kataria. But then on 11th December she filed another complaint that accused Kataria of visiting her house and raping her again.

There Is A Second Rape Accusation Against Parminder Kataria By The Same Woman Photo india Today
There Is A Second Rape Accusation Against Parminder Kataria By The Same Woman Photo india Today

She has also accused the Gurgaon police of not registering her case and not taking in action. Her lawyer Pradeep Kumar’s legal notice to Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepak Saharan apparently jump-started the investigation. However, Assistant Commissioner of Police Dharna Yadav said that the woman has changed her statement multiple times since the first accusation. “She has alleged that the accused came to her house and raped her again in December. We are investigating the case,” mentioned ACP Yadav. Parminder Kataria received a lot of flak from all corners after the first complaint and he is currently on interim bail. This fresh complaint is likely to put him under more pressure.

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