AIIMS Medical Board Confirms Sunanda Pushkar’s Death Was Due To Poisoning

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AIIMS medical board has published its verdict that the death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of ex-Union Minister Shashi Tharoor is due to poisoning and traces of anxiety drug Alprax was found in her stomach. The board examined Sunanda’s viscera and concluded that although the death was due to poisoning, it is not due to a combination of dor subdue her. rugs. The board is also not sure if the death was caused by high ingestion of Alprazolam tablets and the tolerance threshold for Alprazolam and other anxiety drugs vary from person to person. There is no set amount that can cause death to every person.

Sunanda Pushkar Photo deccanchronicle
Sunanda Pushkar Photo deccanchronicle

The board has also expressed that there was an injection prick found on Sunanda’s body. Hence someone may have injected her with poisonous substance which may have led to her death. At the moment it is not clear whether the Alprax tablets were used to kill her or subdue her. There were many injuries on her body including teeth bites which may leads the investigators to believe there was a tussle before her death. There has been no convictions or charges in this case so far. B S Bassi, Delhi Police Commissioner said, “I would not like to enter into speculations. What is being published or broadcasted in the media could be right or could be wrong. At this point of time, I won’t be able to say anything conclusive.”

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