Enough With Superheroes, Now Its Turn For Supervillains

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Brutal Marksmen, Ex-Military Officers, Assassins with dissimilar potentials and Supervillains with wide range of eccentricities join forces to undertake a lethal expedition. Doesn’t sound plausible but as we know, nothing’s impossible in DC Universe. When we are referring to DC most of you already figured out this distinguished band of thugs is called Suicide Squad. Assembled by the chairperson of the fictional agency named “Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans (A.R.G.U.S.)” Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad attempted an undercover government mission in exchange of redemption.


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Coming August 2016, Warner Bros is planning to hit the silver screen with supposedly third movie installment from DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad. Although the American Entertainment Company reported to start developing the initial script back in 2009, visible progress only came into picture in September 2014 when American film director David Ayer agreed to write and direct the film. David Ayer’s reputation as a director and scriptwriter precedes him as we adored his work in 2014 American-British war film Fury and few others. Suicide Squad will be featuring its own class of prominent actors like Will Smith as DC’s fictional marksman Deadshot, Jared Leto as psychopathic supervillain Joker, Margot Robbie as psychiatrist turned lawbreaker Harley Quinn and many more.


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Critics reasonably asserted that no other release can snatch the glory away from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, another upcoming DC movie release as well as anticipated blockbuster of 2016. Nonetheless, Suicide Squad being officially announced in 2015 Comic Con International, took no time to become one of the most popular themes for YouTubers and in other similar forums. Credit goes to a leak over Internet which compelled Warner Bros to publish the Official Trailer before schedule. The trailer went viral and created expectations among DC fans and beyond, arguably because of its unorthodox trait of being a supervillain movie and not a superhero one. Exact plot for the film is not available yet but will expectedly take the identical route with the comic book. Although, we can’t wait to discover the hidden recipe being cooked up by David, here comes some ingredients in the following official trailer from Warner Bros…

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