Research Shows Blood Pressure Medicine May Slow Down Or Prevent Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that affects nearly 48 million people worldwide. Although the reasons behind this disease is unknown, once Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, it slowly destroys brain cells and neurons slowly eating away at the ability of the victim to remember, speak coherently and perform the basic bodily functions ultimately leading to death. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s yet but thankfully now a blood pressure medicine known as “Candesartan” has shown potential to slow down the cell and neuron deaths caused by Alzheimer’s in its early stage.

Candesartan Tablets Photo adlershop
Candesartan Tablets Photo adlershop

According to observation and research, Candesartan was able to reduced damage caused bu excessive amount of Glutamet in the blood stream. It also prevented neuron inflammation, neuron death and amyloid metabolism alterations, all of which are signature symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. A paper on this finding has been published in Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy.

Senior author of the study Juan Saavedra said, “Our findings make sense in many ways. Hypertension reduces blood flow throughout the body and brain and is a risk factor of Alzheimer’s disease.” he opines that Angiotensin receptor blockers or ARB class of hyper tension medication such as Candesartan can prevent, cure or delay Alzheimer’s if diagnosed and treated in the early stages.

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