Russian Woman Cuts Cleaner’s Safety Rope, Cleaner Survives Fall From 8th Floor

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Russian industrial climber Maksim Merkushev barely cheated death as he fell from the 8th floor of a complex after a 49 year old woman cut his climbing rope. The incident took place on 31st January when Maksim and his team were working on a building. The woman complained that the workers had damaged her TV antenna and cut through Maksim’s safety rope as a lesson.

Industrial Climber Barely Cheats Death
Industrial Climber Barely Cheats Death Photo

Maksim said, “When you are working with a perforator, a TV set may encounter problems and stop working. She came out, while I was working at her balcony and said, ‘If you break it [the TV], you will have to repair it.’ Then she began swearing and said if I didn’t come down she would cut my ropes.” She cut the rope a little and Maksim’s bodyweight broke it completely. His co-workers had added an extra safety rope that broke Maksim’s fall very close to the ground.

The woman apologized to Maksim the next day but criminal proceedings for attempt to murder has been launched against her. The case was brought into public light yesterday 7th February, 2016.

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