Russian Indestructible Bumerang APC May Soon Be Available For Overseas Buyers

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The Military Industrial Company (MIC) or Voyenno-Promyshlennaya Kompaniya of Russia has built the next generation Armored Personnel Carrier or APC. Called ‘Bumerang’, this APC is extra safe and has layered defence systems, both active and passive. It also boasts a remote controlled weapon station. According to news, more than 40 research and development companies took part in the development but most of the work was done by MIC.

The Bumerang APC During Victory Day Parade in Moscow Photo Vitaly V. Kuzmin / Wikipedia
The Bumerang APC During Victory Day Parade in Moscow Photo Vitaly V. Kuzmin / Wikipedia

Director general of MIC Aleksandr Krasovitsky confirmed that foreign buyers have shown interest in the APC. he said, “One can say it’s an indestructible APC with mobility, firepower, resistance and handling characteristics that exceed in some ways those of its best foreign counterparts. If we get government authorization, we’re ready to sell it abroad.”

Bumerang is an amphibious APC carried around by 8 wheels. It comes to replace the current BTR-80 and BTR-90 APCs used by Russia. The vehicle has personnel loading bay at the rear so they get ample protection. Engine is placed at the front to protect the personnel at the core. It comes stocked with 4 anti-tank missiles, a 7.62 machine gun and a 30 mm cannon. Some models include a 125 mm cannon.

The weight of Bumerang varies between 20 and 25 tons based on the loaded weapon and armor. It is powered by 510 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine which can crank out a top speed of 95 Kmph. 6 Bumerangs were manufactured in 2015 as a pilot project and they were displayed during the Victory Day Parade of 2015 in Moscow.

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