A Reason To Toast – France Posts Record Wine Sales in 2015

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Despite the Paris attacks and ensuing chaos, 2015 ha proved to be a year to remember for French government and wine lovers. Posting record breaking sales, France made an estimated 11 billion Euros in the past year. Boasting a 8.7 percent increase in sales from 2014, French cognac was the main factor as its sales soared by 20 percent. Champagne also showed an uptick of 12 percent. A whooping 23 percent increase in China sales has left everyone surprised.

Representational Photo Courtesy cityam
Representational Photo Courtesy cityam

this feat could also be due to the weakened condition of Euro and France’s decision to target the mass market. Earlier French winemakers mostly concentrated on the true connoisseurs, promising exceptional quality wine. President of the French Federation of Wines and Spirits Exporters,¬†Christophe Navarre, has however warned the industry of the eroding market share thanks to tough competition from Chile, Australia and Spain. He urged winemakers to come up with lower priced beverages to maintain and boost market share worldwide.

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