An Apple Full Of Bugs, The Most Devastating Recent iOS Bugs

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Over the last one year, Apple’s robust iOS and the promise to provide unparalleled user-friendliness has taken a big hit. Many of the latest iOS updates were laced with one or more potentially device breaking bugs that rendered millions of iOS devices useless. Apple fixed some of them, did not acknowledge some and even after the patches some bugs remained. Here is a list of most annoying and damaging Apple bugs of recent times.

Apple Bugs

1) The Incorrect Battery Percentage Bug:

This is a bug that has been haunting the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users. We covered it in a post on this site and apparently the newest iOS update would fix it. The bug causes the phone to show incorrect battery percentage or not update the battery percentage at all. This was triggered by manually changing time or moving to a different time zone, both of which should be harmless activities as far as a smartphone is concerned. The implications of this bug can be huge. Imagine attending a potentially career changing interview over the phone with the battery showing 85% juice while it really is 5%. So what if the call get disconnected mid interview and you cannot reconnect as your battery is dead? Yes, that is how devastating it can be.

2) The 1970 Date Bug

Sometimes back a post started doing rounds of Reddit and 4Chan where users were urged to set the phone date back to 01.01.1970 to unlock an Easter egg. But it turned out to be a deadly bug that renders your iPhone useless (hint: don’t trust 4Chan threads). It has to do with how Unix based software (like iOS) calculate date. They take 1st January 1970 as 0 and then calculates seconds from there on. So setting this date on your phone basically sets the date as 0 in the background and your phone just stalls showing the Apple logo. So far there is no fix for it and a trip to the nearest Apple store is necessary, without any guarantee of fixes of course. Here is the bug in action:

3) The Error 53 Bug:

After the 1970 bug, here is another bug that can brick your iPhone. Although this issue is acknowledged by Apple, there is no software solution for this yet (surprise). The bug triggers if you fix your Apple touch sensor by a third-party service center other than Apple service center and then upgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 9. Apparently upon upgrade, the phone tries to check if all hardware belongs to Apple and if the check fails, the phone displays and ‘Error 53’ message and let’s you do nothing. The only solution is to get it to an Apple store and install authentic Apple hardware (extra expense) or downgrade to iOS 8. We have all heard of keeping a tight hold on the market share but isn’t this kinda autocratic?

4) The Safari Gone Wrong:

About a month back, a number of Apple users started complaining that the Safari browser won’t work and crash as soon as they tried to type an url. For some, the browser itself wouldn’t crash but would not load any sites (not cool for a browser). Apple acknowledged the issue and and said it was fixed but the users said otherwise. Even after the proclaimed fix, many continued to have the problem. The bug was seemingly caused by Safari Spotlight suggestions and other queries not reaching the Apple server. A quick fix was to turn off Safari suggestions.

Apple Safari Suggestions Bug Photo forbes/Amit Chowdhry
Apple Safari Suggestions Bug Photo forbes/Amit Chowdhry

5) The App Cellular Access Block Bug:

Apple provides a nifty feature to let you choose which apps get to enjoy cellular data. This feature is perfect to reduce data consumption, cost and extend battery performance. A bug during the upgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 9, however, blocked some apps from accessing cellular data ever. That is until you connect to a WiFi. Even if you manually set them to use cellular data, the moment you are out of settings, iOS would again turn them off. It seemed to occur if some apps had cellular data turned to off during the update. This bug frustrated countless users as they were not able to use important apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Facebook. The core Apple apps seemed to be immune from this bug. Apple is supposedly working on a fix.

6) The Slide To Upgrade Debacle:

After all the bugs iOS9 upgrade brought its users, it would be unfair if the upgrade itself was flawless and Apple made sure that was not the case. During the upgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 9, a number of users watched with pain as after the download finished their phones stalled on the slide to upgrade screen. Never able to slide and upgrade, their phones were in a catch 22 and the solution from Apple was to connect to iTunes and restore the phone to a previous back up.

With the number of bugs Apple’s latest releases have offered, the question rings quite clear in the minds of millions of its consumers. Is the tech giant rushing its devices or updates a tad bit? Especially after it is set to publish a decline in sales figures after a number of years. After all, all the Microsoft lovers are now smiling quietly as the Mac and iOS users’ bold claim of stable crash-proof operating systems seems to bite the dust more frequently than Apple would like to remember.

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