Mac Infected By First Ever Ransomware, Users Might Lose Sensitive Data

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Apple Mac users have been hit by a ransomware called KeRanger, the first ever such infection for Mac PCs. The ransomware was hidden behind a bittorrent application called Transmission. Some users were infected after downloading Transmission 2.90. A ransomware is a type of virus that enters the system masquerading as a legal and legitimate software. Upon download, it encrypts sensitive and important data on the device and demands ransom for unlocking the data. Recently in a similar hospital in Hollywood, a hospital had to pay 17,000 USD ransom to the hackers before they regained control of their systems. The original demand was 3.7 million USD.

Transmission Warning Of The KeRanger Ransomware

Ryan Olson, Apple’s Threat Intelligence Director confirmed the news that KeRanger is so far the only such threat that has successfully penetrated Mac security. The infected users downloaded latest versions of Transmission on the morning of 4th March and the infected executables are still available for download at Transmission website. The KeRanger ransomware also carries a valid mac app development certificate thus bypassing Mac gatekeeper security. As the app encrypts certain files, it demands 400 USD from each user for unlocking their systems. According to Apple, those who have not paid 400 USD will probably lose their encrypted data Monday onwards.

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