Purple Bread Could Be The New Superfood

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Bread has been the staple food for people around the globe for decades. It is cheap, easy to find, easy to eat and can be hard to put down if coupled with butter or marmalade. It has also been criticized heavily for contributing to weight gain and diabetes. Due to high glycemic index blood sugar of bread mixes quickly with bread. Bread is also quickly digested due to starch content so people often end up eating more.

The Purple Bread Gets Its Purple Color From Anthocyanin, An Antioxidant Capable Of Preventing A Number Of Diseases
The Purple Bread Gets Its Purple Color From Anthocyanin, An Antioxidant Capable Of Preventing A Number Of Diseases

Professor Zhou Weibiao of National University of Singapore may have found the perfect solution though the invention of a purple bread. He has infused the regular bread with cancer preventing antioxidants while keeping the same nutritional values. The purple color comes from Anthocyanin, an essential factor in preventing neurological and cardiovascular diseases, cutting down blood sugar and controlling obesity.

Professor Zhou Weibiao
Professor Zhou Weibiao

Better still, the purple bread makes digestion 20% slower, cutting down the blood sugar spikes and over consumption. It also manages to keep 80% of its nutritional values even after being baked at 200 degrees. The bread is not commercially available yet but might soon become the superfood everyone would go crazy about.

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