Syrian Forces Free Palmyra From The Grasp Of ISIS

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With the help of Russian air strikes Syrian forces managed to capture the city of Palmyra from the clasp of ISIS terrorists since the city was captured in 2014. Palmyra is one of the cities containing elaborate ancient Roman ruins much of which was blasted by ISIS. Now Syrian army is planning to turn Palmyra into a base to further push ISIS out of Deir al-Zor and Raqqa. Raqqa is one of the key strategic ISIS strongholds and its fall will sure dampen this terrorist organisation.

Syrian Army Rejoice After Freeing Palmyra From ISIS Photo sputniknews
Syrian Army Rejoice After Freeing Palmyra From ISIS Photo sputniknews

So far around 417 terrorists have died in this campaign. Most terrorists fled the city along with most residents. The main Palmyra airport is now open. There still some isolated clashes under way in and around the city. 194 people of the Syrian army lost their lives in this battle. There were some car bombings and explosions in the city caused by remaining terrorists. Army is combing the area to kill or capture remaining attackers. Despite severe damage to several ancient buildings and relics, Syrian antiquities chief Mamoun Abdelkarim believes restoration is possible in Palmyra, “Palmyra has been liberated. This is the end of the destruction in Palmyra. How many times did we cry for Palmyra? How many times did we feel despair? But we did not lose hope.”


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