Study Finds No Difference Between Children Of Homosexual Parents And Heterosexual Parents

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A new study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics has shown that there are no emotional, behavioral and physical differences between children being raised by parents of the same sex and opposite sex. The study was co-authored by Dr. Henny Bos, Dr. Justin R. Knox, Dr. Loes van Rijn-van Gelderen and Dr. Nanette Gartrell.

A Lesbian Couple With Their Child

There are quite a few existing studies that aim to enforce that children raised by homosexual parents often have shortcomings in terms to emotional coping, health and learning. But these studies had compared children of continuously coupled heterosexual parents with stable income with children raised by homosexual parents who had a divorce, were not continuously coupled or had low levels of income. Hence those studies had certain bias working against it meaning their findings were not reflective of the reality.

The new study, however, compared children raised by continuously coupled lesbian parents with children of continuously couple heterosexual parents with similar standards of living. The couples were matched based on number of characteristics such as parents’ age, child’s age, child’s race, parents’ race, parents’ level of income, parents’ educational background, parents’ ethnicity and so on.

The study found that there were no differences between the learning abilities, health conditions, emotional behavior and other such factors between a child raised by homosexual parents and a child raised by heterosexual parents. The study used lesbian households as the number of gay households were too few to be sampled. Further studies will be conducted on this subject as Dr. Gartrell said, “We still have so much to learn and find out about different types of families,”

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