Your iPhone Is Supposed To Last 3 Years, Think Before You Upgrade

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Most smartphone users often have fine experience from their phones running without any hangs, delays or freezes for the first year or couple of years of purchase. After that, however, a host of problems seem to magically kick in into these handheld devices. Frequent screen freezes, overheating, battery draining out faster than it is charged, frequent reboots all become a part and parcel of life until the user chucks his phone and buys a new one. But when you are buying a pricey piece such as a iPhone, you might want to continue with the same phone as long as possible. So exactly how long a smartphone supposed to last? Or rather, how long a iPhone is supposed to last?

Apple iPhone 5C Photo gsmarena
Apple iPhone 5C Photo gsmarena

Well not sure about other smartphones. They seem to croak after one and a half or two years at best. But Apple has responded and mentioned that your precious iPhone is supposed to last a good 3 years before you need to replace it. On their website Apple mentioned, “Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for OS X and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices.” This estimate is of course assuming you are not manhandling your phone. So if you think your iPhone is getting slower, think twice before an upgrade.

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