Ford Unveils The Eco Blue Diesel Engine

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Walking in their rich history of coming up with ground breaking engines, Ford has come up with another, the Eco Blue, a 2.0 litre four cylinder turbocharged engine developed in UK and Germany by Ford R&D ream. The engine offers 55% less emission from EURO Stage V standards and it can be tweaked for 100 PS to 240 PS power output. The engine is designed to provide 20% more torque at 1,250 rpms. This makes vehicles fitted with the Eco Blue easier to drive in traffic and also more efficient.

Ford Eco Blue Engine Photo autocarpro
Ford Eco Blue Engine Photo autocarpro

The engine uses low inertia turbochargers as used in rockets. The low low friction and cleaner internal combustion provides 13% greater fuel efficiency. Rocket engine materials ensure that the engine performs at the optimum even at higher temperatures. The engine comes with foam encapsulation and also noise reducing software. The fuel injection system has been revamped for precise oil delivery. The engine will be used in future Ford passenger and personal vehicles.

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