BSF Installs Infra Red Intrusion Detection System At Punjab Border

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BSF (Border Security Force) has installed 12 infra red laser intrusion detection systems along the Punjab border. The border area near Punjab is full of rivers and treacherous  terraine making it impossible to put up barb wire fence along the length. Out of the 12, 8 laser systems are already operational and the test will be in operational state in a few days. The systems are under continuous surveillance from BSF personnel. 45 such laser systems will be deployed along Punjab and Jammu border.

BSF Jawans Patrolling A Border Section Photo indiatvnews
BSF Jawans Patrolling A Border Section Photo indiatvnews

The decision to install these systems were take two years prior. Recent Pathankot attack has sped up the process as the terrorists most likely entered India through an unguarded area of Punjab border. Smart censors are being used from intrusion detection according to a blueprint obtained by PTI. If the pilot project is a success, this could cut down terrorist intrusion through unguarded border areas considerably.

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