Nintendo Announces New Console Called ‘Nintendo NX’

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Nintendo has announced the launch of a new console to replace the Wii U. The console is codenamed NX and will be launched in March 2017. After the initial rousing support for Nintendo Wii which introduced motion control, Nintendo’s Wii U was met with disappointment as only 13 million units have been sold worldwide since November, 2012 as compared to 20 million Xbox Ones and 36 million PlayStation 4s.┬áNintendo says the new console will have brand new concept but they are tight lipped about what the concept might be.

Nintendo NX Logo Photo mynintendonews
Nintendo NX Logo Photo mynintendonews

Nintendo has been under tremendous pressure from competitors for some time now and they desperately needed something fresh to regain market share. The new console might be for display at E3 in June. According to the dev kits, the NX might be more powerful thatn both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, marking Nintendo’s departure from using less powerful hardware for their consoles. Nintendo has also come up with a mobile game called Miitomo. This is the first ever Nintendo game that is not designed for its own consoles.

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