Radiohead Deletes Itself From Internet, New Album Could Be Imminent


Oxford, England based popular band ‘Radiohead’ has deleted itself from the internet. The band’s Twitter and Facebook page were taken down and their website shows a blank page. In fact lead singer Thom Yorke’s twitter handle was also devoid of any tweets. All of this has given rise to the speculation that Radiohead might finally be coming out with their 9th and latest album, five years after the release of “King of Limbs”. The band is known for innovative tricks while announcing their new albums and fuelling the rumours are a bunch of leaflets sent to Radiohead fans via mail.

Radiohead Members

The leaflet reads, “Sing a song of sixpence that goes / Burn the Witch / We know where you live.” Many people believe the new album will be called “Burn the Witch.” The famous five piece group is not only known for their innovative releases but also for having hidden meanings and themes in their songs and even in album packages. Their 2000 album “Kid A” had an entire booklet hidden inside its tray which had lyrics from the next two albums. And their albums “OK Computer” and “In Rainbows”, which came out 10 years apart, had songs that flowed perfectly into each other if played simultaneously. So vanishing from the internet sounds exactly like what Radiohead would do before announcing a new album!!

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