Vijay Mallya Resigns As Rajya Sabha MP, Does Not Answer Ethics Committee

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Independent Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Mallya was facing expulsion from Rajya Sabha as the parliament ethics committee headed by Congress leader Karan Singh sent him a show cause to explain his side of the story. Without bothering to go into details, Vijay Mallya resigned as MP today 2nd May. The next meeting of the ethics committee is scheduled for tomorrow 3rd May. Mr. Mallya’s tenure as MP ends on 30th June. The veteran Indian businessman is currently staying in UK after he left the country on 2nd March.

Vijay Mallya Photo IBNLIVE
Vijay Mallya Photo IBNLIVE

The ethics committee had more or less decided to expel Mr. Mallya from the parliament under money laundering charges. As a “procedural formality” his explanation was sought but Karan Singh said, “We have examined the entire issue related to Mallya’s case. The documents that we had sought from banks have also come. There was a unanimous view in the panel that he should be expelled from the House membership.” Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines has defaulted a loan amount of over 9,000 crore INR. A consortium of the lending banks is trying to recover the amount but so far the path has been slippery. Recent attempts to auction the Kingfisher House in Andheri and several Kingfisher Airlines related brand names and logos also proved unsuccessful.

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