Google Introduces Gboard For iPhone, Might Be A Telling Blow For Apple

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Apple and Google’s software battle at the top of the market is not unknown. Despite Google being omnipresent on all platforms, it has not been able to do so with iPhones and Apple devices. Carefully providing alternate options for several useful Google apps, Apple pushed Google away from its devices. More importantly, Apple took away the search history, usage and browsing pattern details of iPhone users from Google, something that Google relies on to be at the top of their game. But Google has come back with something ingenious. Innocuously named the “Gboard”, this keyboard app could be the trojan horse inside Apple devices.


At the first look, the Gboard looks like any average keyboard app, predictive typing, sentence and word suggestion, so on and so forth. But all the deviousness of the app is hidden behind a colourful button marked “G”. A touch of this button opens the Google search engine from whichever app you are on without needing to leave the app. You can search, view and directly paste selected information into the app you were using. For example if you are on Whatsapp with your friend and you are planning to eat out at an Italian restaurant, you can just press the “G” on Gboard, search Italian Restaurants in your locality and forward the information to your friend without leaving Whatsapp.

This, no doubt, is an enormous user experience improvement but at the same time, it gives Google what it strives for most. iPhone user search patterns, usage details and browsing patterns. Until and unless Apple can come up with something more ingenious fast, and it looks unlikely, the score reads Google: 1, Apple: zip!

Gboard for Apple devices can be downloaded from:

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