China Unveils Transit Elevated Buses To Solve Traffic Problems

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In this day and age of ever growing vehicles and ever shrinking roadways, keeping roads free of bumper to bumper traffic is almost impossible. But China might have come up with the perfect solution in the form of elevated buses. Recently at the 19th China-Beijing International High-Tech Expo, the prototype for Transit Elevated Bus was unveiled. Each having a capacity of 1,200, these buses mimic the subway model but can be built at 1/5th the cost.

Transit Elevated Bus Prototype Model Photo YouTube
Transit Elevated Bus Prototype Model Photo YouTube

Simply put, the Transit Elevated Buses operate on the premise of extremely high ground clearance allowing smaller private vehicles to travel underneath. Thus these behemoths carry a huge number of people while occupying a tiny fraction of the road. Of course in order to stop these buses veering with vehicles underneath them, they will be operated upon set tracks, much like the subway. Oh and they also have vehicle stopping mechanism when they come to a halt and passengers vacate. Watch this video to understand the true potential of TEBs.

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