Greek Archaeologist Claims To Have Found Aristotle’s Tomb

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Greek archaeologist Konstantinos Sismanidis claims to have finally found great Greek philosopher Aristotle’s tomb. Mr. Sismanidis made the announcement at a conference being held at Thessaloniki, Greece. Sismanidis has been leading an excavation about 40 miles to the east of Thessaloniki, where the ancient Greek village of Stagira. The 20 year long excavation seems to have borne the intended fruit as this news comes on the eve of Aristotle’s 2,400th birthday.


Incidentally, Stagira was also the birthplace of Aristotle and being interred in one’s birthplace was quite a common practice in these days. Mr. Sismanidis said that the tomb was found underneath a structure. He believes that the structure was a monument created in honor of Aristotle. According to him, the positioning of the tomb in the middle of a marble floor, ancient scriptures on the tomb, the view from the location of the tomb and its position in the town square all indicate towards the fact that this is indeed the tomb of Aristotle.

If Mr. Sismanidis is right, this will be one of the greatest archaeological finds of this century. Aristotle, student of Plato, is considered to be the founding father of modern philosophy and logic. Aristotle is widely regarded for hos ‘Poetics’ and for being the teacher of Alexander the Great.

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