Do Not Download Whatsapp Gold, It’s A Scam!!!

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A message has been doing the rounds of Whatsapp asking unsuspecting users to download and install a premium version of Whatsapp called Whatsapp Gold. The message says that this version of Whatsapp is uniquely available to celebrities and it is now “leaked”. The upper version promises features such as being able to delete messages even after sending them and sending up to 100 pictures at once. This is a scam as no Whatsapp Gold version exists. This app is not available on Google Play Store and iTunes either.

Whatsapp Gold Edition Photo deccanchronicle
Whatsapp Gold Edition Photo deccanchronicle

At this moment it is not clear what kinds of malicious activity the Whatsapp Gold can bring down upon your phone but installing any harmful app can give hackers control over your phone data, images, videos, texts and account information. If you receive such a message, delete the message immediately and block the sender. Refrain from downloading the app even out of curiosity as you can easily lose all your sensitive data.

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