Cheating And Forgery Charges Brought Against Bihar 12th Standard Toppers

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After a sting operation brought forward the incompetencies of Bihar’s 12th standard state exam toppers, officials and ministers cried foul. Toppers from both science and arts stream failed to answer basic questions. Arts stream topper Ruby Rai pronounced political science as “Prodical Science” and commented that it taught cooking. She also did not know the maximum marks one can get in the exams. Science stream topper Saurabh Sreshtha on the other hand could not answer what electron and proton was. Both of them are from VR College.

Arts Stream Topper Ruby Rai Photo ndtv
Arts Stream Topper Ruby Rai Photo ndtv

A retest was arranged immediately for the toppers. Ms. Rai did not attend the test but 13 other toppers did. Saurabh Sreshtha and third topper of Science Rahul Kumar both failed the retests. Mr. Sreshtha allegedly threatened examiners conducting oral exam with suicide if any questions were asked. Saurabh and Rahul’s results are cancelled. Ms. Rai will get another chance at retest on 11th June. In the meanwhile, a case of cheating and forgery has been submitted against Saurabh Srestha, Rahul Kumar, Ruby Rai and the director of VR College on behalf of education department.

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