Internet Browsing Pattern Can Reveal Your Characteristics


According to a study conducted at Universiti Teknologi in Malaysia, a person’s characteristics can be revealed to a large extent by his internet browsing pattern. Previous studies in this field were focused on a person’s behaviour on the social media. But the new study indicates that general browsing patterns can also tell a lot about a person’s attitude and character. Lead author of the study Ikusan R. Adeyemi said, “Our research suggests a person’s personality traits can be deduced by their general internet usage.”

Representational Image Courtesy tezba
Representational Image Courtesy tezba

The study was conducted on volunteers from the university and the data gathered showed a strong link between a person’s characteristics and his internet browsing patterns. For example, introverts were found to spend a lot of time on social media trying to make up for the lack up human connect in real life. Extroverts on the other had were out exploring new platforms and making new connects. The study shows that the duration of internet session, sites browsed, number of sites opened, sites participated in all of these parameters can point out certain human characteristics. Adeyemi believes data collected from this study can be used by law enforcement organisations as well.

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